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Condo upgrades to increase its selling value

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You can increase the value of your luxury condo by undertaking key upgrades on your unit. Make sure you get the approval of your condo association to avoid potential misunderstandings down the road.

Take a look at these value-boosting upgrades for your luxury condominium:

Replace the kitchen countertops

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a condominium. Aside from being the heart of the home, your kitchen is also where guests like to gather during casual get-togethers.

When it comes to choosing a kitchen countertop, go for something that complements or dramatically contrasts with the luxurious elements of your condo. Consider a waterfall countertop, stain- and bacteria-resistant porcelain, and engineered quartz, among other on-trend options.

Upgrade kitchen appliances

Upgrading your kitchen appliances can seal the deal on a good-looking kitchen. While decorators say matte black appliances are going to be big in 2020, a survey of real estates agents revealed that 75% of their buyers still prefer stainless steel appliances. You can also choose appliances with smart features like voice-controlled refs and microwave ovens. You can also control everything through your smartphone.

Change the flooring

If your condo association allows it, consider changing the flooring. Hardwood floors, in particular, gives the biggest bang for your buck because they’re timeless, versatile, and durable.

Improve storage

Everyone needs enough space to store their belongings and luxury condos are no exception. To maximize the space in your condominium, consider furniture that doubles as storage, built-in shelves, a credenza with cupboards, and a bathroom vanity with multiple drawers.

Improve your lighting

A well-lit luxury condo can amplify the space and set the tone, mood, and atmosphere of your interiors. Eye-catching ceiling fixtures, sconces, floor lamps, and pendant lights are just some of your options. Before you shop, figure out how you want the room to function or the mood you want to set, and then choose your fixtures accordingly.

Replace mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make the room look bigger and brighter. If the mirrors in your luxury condo aren’t doing that, then it’s time to replace them. Before you go shopping, figure out where you want to hand your so you can determine the size, shape, and the style of your purchase.

Update your faucets

Swapping your kitchen and bathroom faucets for something more stylish can instantly update the rest of the room.

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