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7 tips for condo living

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Living in a condo offers luxury, comfort, and convenience that you can’t find anywhere else. You also have the opportunity to live in the most exclusive and desirable neighborhood while being close to everything. To make the most out of condo living, check out these seven tips:

  1. Maximize the space

    Making the most out of your space is key to condo living. One important way to maximize space is by strategically arranging the furniture to distinguish the key areas. Different textures, colors, and rugs can be used as well.

  2. Use vertical or hanging wall shelves

    Vertical shelves are a great addition to your condo. Aside from providing additional storage space, it also adds visual interest on unused walls and corners. Your vertical shelves can be used for books, art, souvenirs, awards, and potted plants.

  3. Fill your condo with natural light

    A well-lit condo can make the space seem larger than it already is. Take advantage of the natural light coming in from windows by clearing the space around it. The strategic placement of stylish and modern mirrors can also serve to disperse the light throughout the unit or illuminate shadowy corners.

  4. Add plenty of personal touches

    Your decorator may choose your luxe appointments, but your personal touch will make it uniquely your own. Roll out your Moroccan rug. Make your favorite piece of art the focal point of a room. Or turn your vacation snaps into black-and-white prints you can frame and hang side by side. You can also ask your decorator if you can come along on one of their shopping trips so you can point out styles and pieces that appeal to you.

  5. Inspect your condo regularly

    Prevent major problems and costly damage to your condo through preventive maintenance. Have your carpets, flooring, and electrical systems checked regularly.

    Once you spot a problem with your water, electricity, and heating and cooling systems, notify the management or the condo association immediately. This way, the problem can be fixed as soon as possible.

  6. Talk to your neighbors

    Befriending neighbors fosters a sense of community. You’ll have someone to turn to for small favors like asking them to keep an eye on your place while you’re away. You can return the same favor later. If they live alone, you can check if they’re well if you haven’t seen them for a few days.

    Remain friendly but not intrusive. Make it a habit to say hello every time you cross paths. Even waving or smiling can make a huge difference.

  7. Take advantage of the amenities

    Most luxury condos have shared amenities that you should take advantage of. Whether it’s a lap pool, a fitness center, a rooftop deck, or green space, these amenities are there for you to enjoy. Don’t miss out

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